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Typical Wellhead/Tree Assembly

The world's most experienced manufacturer of geothermal valves and wellheads was incorporated in March 1919, and has been producing superior geothermal equipment continuously since 1962. The company has an extensive supply history to sites on all continents, excepting Antarctica.


- API 6D (ANSI) and API 6A full bore through conduit type. Widest range of size, pressure ratings and trim selections available in the industry.
- Gate and seat sealing surfaces protected to reduce effects of abrasion and erosion.
- Stellite HF-6 hard-facing on gate and seat sealing surfaces on T-GE trims. Nitride hard-facing can be supplied.
- Standard stem material (17-4PH) used for all valves.
- Stem packing : pressurized plastic packing systems are available for both EXP and SLB types. OPG is available for both types.
- Bi-directional closure on all valves.
- Direct handwheel or BGO (bevel gear) operation available on all types. (BGO advised for EXP over 12in and 600 psi class types.) Other actuator systems available.
- Easy maintenance and operation. All valves can be serviced inline.
- Low torque due to thinner size of EXP gate when cycling.
- Master valve is tested to API 6D test specification and outlet valves are tested API 6D or API 6A test specification accordingly.


API 6D bores match the master valve bores to reduce erosion. 90-degree standard outlets, but these can be varied to meet customer requirements. Flanged (recommended) or studded types available.


EXP and SLB types to API 6A or API 6D specifications in sizes 2 1/16in, - 4. 1/16in / 2in - 4in with ratings 2,000psi - 5,000psi / Class 600 - Class 1500 are typically used in geothermal applications as wellhead side outlet or crown valves.


Built to API 6A specifications. Dry or Wet stream designs. MR-01-75 (latest edition) NACE spec. compliant. Services available on a world-wide basis.


No lockdown pins needed. All sizes and pressure ratings available depending on the design requirements. Weld-on, Screw-on, or Clamp-on types supplied. Outlets can be flanged (recommended) or studded.


A wide range of sizes and pressure ratings available to meet every need. Outlets can be flanged (recommended) or studded. Length of spool can vary according to customer specification. Standard short length (32in) allows more space under BOPs. Tapered bore at outlet prevents casing expansion from blocking the outflow. 14in minimum expansion.


550゚F to 650゚F designs available. All sizes can be supplied to meet design needs. Plastic packing rechargeable after thermal recycling externally by injecting bulk packing under pressure. Static types are charged by makeup of casing head/spool studs or nuts.


- Mechanical advantage gained through low stem torque.
- Body cavity isolated in both open and closed positions minimizes solids accumulation.
- True 100% metal-to-metal sealing, both upstream and downstream. This is obtained by the parallel expanding gate exerting pressure against the four body-seat-gate sealing surfaces.
- Available in 2in to 36in sizes, and 150 psi to 2500 psi classes.
- Special bores, such as 12 3/8in for 12in valve available.
- Relief valves or rupture discs recommended on all valves 6in or over unless customer specifies otherwise.
- Highly recommended for master valve or flowline valve applications.
- Maximum temperature rating 1,000゚F (538゚C) with OPG stem packing system.


Pressure-energized well or line pressure sealing achieved by floating gate and seating design. Available in sizes 2in to 42in and 150 psi to 2500 psi classes.
Maximum temperature rating 550゚F(288゚C)

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